Can Installing Security Window Film Increase My Commercial Property Value?
Commercial real estate here in Salt Lake City is a tough industry. Not only are there challenges from the fast market we are in—but day to day issues as well. Because of this, as an owner or manager of a commercial space here, you need to be wise with your building improvements and choose profitable ones. One such improvement, and one that is often overlooked as a way to increase the value of your investment, is security window film.

The Value In Adding Security Window Film To Your Commercial Investment

  1. Security Window Film Increases Your Property Value: Window film of any type almost always increases the value of your commercial property. Regardless of category–window film is a good investment with a high ROI: security, energy-savings, glare-reducing and more. However, with security window film, you not only save on utility bills but may also save money on your insurance premiums too.
  2. Security Window Film Increases Your Value To Your Tenants: Keeping your Salt Lake City commercial rental space free of vacancy at all times is the key to being profitable. Most businesses are looking for a safe place to operate any high value business from. This means a building with markedly better safety, i.e. one with security film as a feature, is easier to rent and stay rented,
  3. Security Window Film Increases Profitability: Security window film is designed to do primarily one job—keep you commercial space safer and reduce crime. And it does a stellar job of this. However, since security window film is an added layer on your window–it also insulates. This means a reduction in utility bills. This is how security window film pays for itself in the first few years and then puts cash back into your pocket.

To find out more about why security window film makes sense for your Salt Lake City commercial space, contact us at Salt Lake City Window Tinting to browse our selection today!