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Professional Window Tinting for Provo Homes & Businesses

Salt Lake Window Tinting is happy to provide our window tinting services to our southerly neighbors in Provo, Utah. Our team has a vast amount of industry experience and can handle commercial and residential projects both big and small. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your building security or want to make your space more stylish or energy efficient, we’ve got the solution you need. Just check out the information below to learn more about the benefits.

Decorative Window Tint
Provo is full of a plethora of amazing restaurants, cafes, retail stores, and hotels that all buzz with the hum of constant traffic from tourists visiting the nearby Wasatch range. But competition is still high among business owners. Decorative window film offers an easy solution to make your business stand out. It’s perfect for creating custom logos, signage, window clings, and more.

Climate Control Window Tint
Depending on the season, temperatures in Provo can range anywhere -30 to 108 degrees. This creates a problem for both homeowners and businesses as it makes energy costs soar. Climate control window film works to control heat transfer and improve indoor comfort. Climate control film is a smart choice for Provo offices, restaurants, hotels, and residential architecture.

Security Window Systems
Keep your building and occupants safe at all hours of the day with a security window system for your Provo home or business. Security window tint holds broken glass in place after impact. It offers defense against a wide range of threats such as robbery, flying debris, natural disasters, and more. Schools, government buildings, and homeowners can all benefit from this film.

Start exploring window tinting options today. Contact Salt Lake Window Tinting to find out more about our products and services. We would love the opportunity to speak to your about your plans and goals for your project.