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Salt Lake Window Tinting Pricing

At Salt Lake Window Tinting, your options are never limited. We carry over 260 types of window film for residential, commercial, and architectural purposes. Our window film pricing is honest and reasonable. When you partner with us, you’ll receive some of the highest quality window film available on today’s market.

Determining the Cost of Film
Window film cost varies depending on a variety of factors. Our prices typically range between $4-24/sq ft. You can find some useful information about what you can expect for the expense of your project.

Factors to Consider
The film that you’ll need to purchase will depend on the goals for your project. Listed below are some things to consider before deciding on a particular film.

Glare: Are there areas of your building where glare on TV screens or laptops is an issue?
Fading: Do you have furniture, flooring, or artwork you need to protect from fading?
Safety: Is there a history of crime in your area? Are there particular hazards you’re concerned about?
Indoor comfort: Do you experience discomfort during the summer or winter?
Energy cost: Are high energy bills creating a financial burden?
Aesthetics: Do you want to preserve or improve the inward or outwardly appearance of your building?

Variables that Affect Film Pricing
There are many factors that go into calculating the cost of a window film install. Some of these variables that affect pricing are described below.
Cost of manufacture: Lower quality films are usually just thin sheets of polyester that have been chemically treated with colored dye. High quality films incorporate multiple coatings of dye, metals, ceramics, and other technology into their makeup.
Project size and complexity: The ease or difficulty of the installation can affect the overall cost of your project. Installs that require more time or intensity tend to cost more. The size of the project also affects the cost, though large commercial projects may be able to receive a discount.
Quality of service and warranty: The price of your install will also be dependent on the quality of service that’s performed. A professional company with a lot of experience may charge more, but the end results will look better and last longer. They will also most likely have a larger crew which helps to accomplish the install in a more timely and efficient manner.

General Cost Estimate
The following information can be used to determine the general cost of a certain type or style of film. Please note that actual cost may vary per project.
Spectrally selective: Spectrally selective films only allow certain types of light to enter the building. They are best for heat, glare, and uv rejection. These films typically range from $9-18/sq foot.
Low-E: Low-E films are best for controlling indoor climate and temperatures year round. These films usually start at $20/sq ft.
Safety & security: Safety and security films are best for protecting buildings and occupants against break-ins, vandalism, and broken glass. These films range from $8-16/sq ft. Security attachment systems cost an extra $2-5/LFT.
Bullet resistant: Bullet resistant film improves glass to make it more resistant to ballistic forces. This product averages around $125/sq ft.
Decorative or frosted film: Decorative or frosted film is used for branding, logos, and/or creating privacy. Decorative films range from $6-12/sq ft.

The “Real” Cost of Window Film
Check out this interesting story from our owner Martin Faith about a client discussing the cost of their window film!

“I got a call from an existing client asking us to come out and install some more of our “Free window film” I was confused but he insisted that we did the west side of the house and he got it for free and he sounded really happy. After an awkward silence on my end he eventually he said. “When Mike came to my home in 2012 I asked him how much I could save on my energy bills. He told me most people pay the film back in 3-5 years. So I got out my old bills for the previous 12 months and wrote down how much I spent each month. Then for the past 3 years or so I’ve been keeping track of how much I save each month and as of last month I have now saved the same amount as I paid you guys for the film. So there you have it. The next time someone asks me how much does window film cost all I have to say is “It’s Free!”

If you would like to receive an actual cost estimate for your project, please contact our office. One of our staff members will be more than happy to discuss your project with you in detail.