SunTek Window Film

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SunTek: Leader in Architectural and Speciality Films 

With over 60 years of experience in film production and technology, SunTek provides Salt Lake City residents a plethora of unique architectural and specialty window films. SunTek is an Eastman company brand, delivering solutions applicable for homes and businesses. With various different finishes and aesthetics, property owners can find the right look for their building while experiencing considerable energy savings.

SunTek Ultra-VisionDS Window Film

SunTek Ultra-VisionDS is a spectrally selective window film that delivers premium protection.

  • Reduces excessive solar heat and glare
  • Blocks harmful UV rays
  • Non-corrosive, all-metal materials
  • Low interior and exterior reflectivity

SunTek SymphonyDS Window Film

SunTek SymphonyDS is a dual-reflective window film perfect for commercial and residential application in Salt Lake City.

  • Unique construction provides crips, neutral appearance
  • Immediate clarity
  • Reduces excessive solar heat and glare
  • Blocks harmful UV rays

SunTek Dual-ReflectiveDS Window Film

SunTek Dual-ReflectiveDS provides different aesthetics and finishes.

  • Reduces excessive solar heat and glare
  • Blocks harmful UV rays
  • Warm, natural appearnace
  • Dyed-metal hybrid construction

SunTek InfinityDS Window Film

SunTek InfinityDS offers a natural, elegant appearance that’s perfect for any Salt Lake City home or business.

  • Reduces excessive solar heat and glare
  • Blocks harmful UV rays
  • Attractive, natural appearance– available in neutral and bronze shades

SunTek SilverDS Window FIlm

SunTek SilverDS is a line of highly reflective window film solutions that’s an especially popular choice for commercial application in Salt Lake City.

  • Highest level of solar heat protection
  • Provides glare reduction and UV protection
  • Maintains a silver or mirrored appearance

SunTek Specialty Window Films

These highly customizable films can be utilized in residential and commercial applications, offering property owners various benefits and aesthetics:

  • 2M White Matte: decorative privacy film
  • Black Out and White Out: complete privacy
  • Crystal: custom-cut decorative applications
  • DR Mirror: one-way mirror application
  • Symphony Low Reflectance: dark, low-reflective architectural film available with 10% visible light transmissions

For more information regarding SunTek window tinting solutions for your upcoming Salt Lake City project, please contact us for a free consultation!