Solyx Window Film

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Solyx: Revolutionary Interior Decorative Privacy Films 

Solyx decorative films feature the largest collection of interior privacy decorative solutions. With a multitude of beautiful, unique designs, Solyx decorative films provides residential and commercial products designed for short-term and long-term use. Transform your Salt Lake City property with elegant privacy decorative films from Solyx.

Advantages of Solyx Decorative Window Film

Available in thousands of different colors, styles, and designs, Solyx decorative window film promotes versatility and beauty. Transform ordinary glass surfaces at a fraction of the price by bringing beautiful works of art to life.

  • Elegant privacy solutions for residential and commercial settings throughout Salt Lake City
  • Enhance any space with color, beauty, and unique graphics
  • Soften and diffuse light to improve living and workspaces
  • Endless designs and finishes

Solyx Decorative Window Film Styles

Salt Lake Window Tinting has every Solyx decorative privacy film available in our inventory, offering Salt Lake City residents thousands of popular styles and unique looks. From traditional, frosted film to contemporary stained glass imitation, Solyx has the right investment for you.

  • Patterned privacy film
  • Static cling film
  • Gradient film
  • Stained glass film
  • Exterior film
  • Colored film
  • Specialty film
  • Frosted & etched film
  • Made-to-size film
  • Solar control film
  • Glasslike distortion
  • Elegant textured film
  • and many more!

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