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Window Tint Makes Schools Fun & Safe

Give your staff and students a fun and safe learning environment with window tint. Salt Lake City schools, colleges, and universities alike can all benefit from window film in a variety of ways. It offers school districts an affordable way to improve security, cut down on operating expenses, and add style and personality to school hallways and classrooms. At Salt Lake Window Tinting, we have a variety of window film options to meet your school’s unique needs. Just check out the information below to learn more.

Energy Saving

It takes a lot of energy to power a school. Electronics, lighting, heating, and cooling all require a significant amount of electricity. That’s why energy saving tint is a choice that makes sense for schools. Energy saving tint works to regulate indoor temps and lower annual energy expenses, allowing schools to allocate their funds to more important matters.

Safety & Security

Schools are more and more frequently becoming targets of violence. That’s why it’s so important to be proactive about school security. Safety and security film protects staff and students from dangerous situations. We offer security window films of all types that are perfect for schools. From break and enters to ballistic forces, we’ve got you covered.

School Aesthetics

Give your school a whole new look with decorative window film. Decorative window film is a fun and unique way to add color and visual appeal to the walls and windows of your school. From dry erase films to custom graphics and logos, we have a whole range of decorative films that are perfect for schools, colleges, and universities.

Window tint makes school renovations easy and affordable. Call Salt Lake Window Tinting to schedule an appointment to install window tint for your Salt Lake City school or university.