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Window Tint Takes Museums to the Next Level

Salt Lake City is home to many amazing museums that bring value to both residents and visitors. But high energy costs, criminal acts, and damage from the sun can all pose a serious threat to the livelihood of a museum. Window tint offers the ultimate architectural solution for Salt Lake City’s museums. It’s an easy and affordable way to enhance the security and energy efficiency of museums, bringing them to a whole new level.

Theft Prevention

Museums are home to valuable items, equipment, and artifacts that all require an advanced level of security in order to keep them safe and out of criminal hands. That’s why theft prevention film is a smart choice for museums. If an intruder tries to break into your building through the windows, theft prevention film will hold the glass in place, making entry incredibly difficult.

Energy Efficiency

Museum buildings can be quite massive and therefore require a large amount of energy. Costs for energy expenses can soar during the hot or cold months of the year and create a burden for museum owners. Window tint can help control interior temperatures and reduce energy costs. And the best part of all is that it’s affordable and easy to maintain.

UV Protection

Many museums contain precious artwork, sculptures, or artifacts that can easily fade in the sun. But with uv protection window tinting, worries about fading from uv radiation become a thing of the past. UV protection tint blocks out up to 99.9% of uv radiation, keeping museum exhibits and displays well protected from the sun’s damaging rays.

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