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Commercial Window Tint Offers the Ultimate Architectural Solution

Commercial window tint offers Salt Lake City businesses the ultimate solution for improving the appearance and functionality of their office or building. Stylish, effective, and completely affordable, window film is a smart choice for building owners across all industries. From hotels and restaurants to schools and government buildings, commercial and public spaces of all types can benefit from the power of window film.

We work on commercial projects of all types & sizes.

We handle commercial installs of all types and sizes. Whatever your concerns or needs, our technicians are always up to the task. Listed below are some of the projects that we frequently work on.

Office Buildings

Window film offers an easy way to keep your business operations running smoothly. It improves building security, reduces costs for artificial lighting, and can even increase employee productivity.

Office Buildings >


Many hotels have a hard time controlling energy expenses. Window tint offers hotel owners a solution for reducing energy costs year round. It can also improve tenant comfort and privacy.

Hotels >


Restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs, and cafes of all types can benefit from window film. Window film adds style and security to dining facilities and can even be used for signage or advertising.

Restaurants >


Keep your patients safe and comfortable at all times with window film. From quiet doctors offices and clinics to busy hospital buildings, window film is the perfect solution for all types of healthcare centers.

Hospitals >


You can protect your store from theft and vandalism, add style and personality to your walls, and improve security by simply having your windows tinted. Window film offers retail spaces amazing benefits.

Retail >


Give your staff and students a fun and safe learning environment with window film. From decor to security, window film can have your school, college, or university totally covered.

Schools >

Mass Transit

Put an end to vandalism with anti-graffiti film for your transit system. Surface film offers incredible benefits for buses, bus stops, trains, airports, and light rails alike.

Mass Transits >

Government Buildings

Window film offers a way for government buildings to stay safe and secure and lower energy costs. We offer a variety of products ideal for government buildings and offices.

Government Buildings >


Window film offers great benefits for museums. Having your museum tinted could make your building more secure, aesthetically pleasing, and energy efficient.

Museums >

Salt Lake Window Tinting proudly serves business in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area. Contact our office today to receive an estimate on window film installation for your office or commercial building.