Vista Window Film

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Vista: The Affordable Alternative to Window Replacement

Vista specializes in energy efficiency, promoting an affordable alternative to window replacement. Achieve ultimate energy conservation while saving significantly on energy costs all year round. Vista window film is the perfect solution for Salt Lake City’s demanding weather conditions, providing the desired relief environmentally and financially.

Vista Ceramic Series Window Film

Vista Ceramic Series Window Film is corrosion-resistant, providing protection from humidity alongside various benefits for Salt Lake City properties.

  • Rejects 99% of UV rays from lowered heat, glare, and fade reduction
  • Neutral color and low reflectivity
  • Improve outdoor views from inside, especially during night time

Vista Spectrally-Selective Series Window Film

Vista Spectrally-Selective Window Film is designed for Salt Lake City storefronts, commercial properties, as well as homes in need of minimal light control and maximum heat protection.

  • High performing heat rejection and energy savings
  • Invisible protection for optical clarity
  • Great for maintaining the look of existing glass

Vista Harmony Series Window Film

Vista Harmony Series Window Film is engineered specifically for Salt Lake City homes, offices, and storefronts with excessive heat and glare issues.

  • Superior heat rejection with moderate glare control
  • Extremely low interior and exterior reflectivity
  • Available in a warm earth tone hue

Vista Dual-Reflective Series Window Film

Vista Dual-Reflective Window Film is perfect for Salt Lake City offices and homes where glare and heat are primary project concerns.

  • Low interior reflectivity combined with high exterior reflectivity
  • Optical clarity both night and day
  • Blue-gray appearance

Vista Neutral Series Window Film

Vista Neutral Series Window Film delivers high solar rejection without compromising appearance or reflectivity for Salt Lake City residential and commercial applications.

  • Reduced interior and exterior reflectivity
  • Uniform light transmission with neutral appearance
  • Perfect for homes and businesses that include showrooms and high-visibility display windows

Vista Low-e Series Window Film

Vista Low-e Series Window Film delivers high energy savings for residential and commercial projects throughout Salt Lake City.

  • Provides insulating barrier to windows improving energy efficiency year round.
  • Promotes improved building comfort
  • Focuses on energy conservation

Vista Atmosphere Exterior Series Window Film

Vista Atmosphere Exterior Series Window Film provides comprehensive solar protection for both homes and businesses located in Salt Lake City.

  • Blocks harmful UV rays, reduces heat, and controls glare
  • Promotes optimal exterior aesthetics

Vista Safety & Security Series Window Film

Vista Safety & Security Window Film delivers a powerful barrier for the most vulnerable areas of your Salt Lake City home or business.

  • Mitigates broken glass hazards after any high impact event
  • Protects building occupants and valuables
  • Engineered with heavy-duty polyester and the industry’s strongest adhesive

For more information regarding Vista window films for your residential or commercial project in Salt Lake City, please contact us for a free consultation!