3M Window Film

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3M: The Innovative Industry Leader

3M produces high performance window film solutions for residential and commercial applications throughout the Salt Lake area. Renowned for their innovative contributions to the window tinting industry, 3M delivers comprehensive products that help homeowners and business owners save money, achieve energy efficiency, promote productivity, and much more.

3M Sun Control Window Film

3M Sun Control Window Film is available for both residential and commercial projects, providing optimal heat rejection and solar control for Salt Lake City properties.

  • Rejects up to 97% of infrared light
  • High natural light transmissions for optical clarity
  • Blocks UV rays for high fade protection

3M Thinsulate Window Film

3M Thinsulate Window Film provides a high performance energy efficient solution designed to lower HVAC consumption in homes and businesses in the Salt Lake City area.

  • Consistent internal temperature for year round comfort
  • Blocks UV rays for high fade protection
  • Maintains high visible light transmissions

3M Daylight Redirecting Window Film

3M Daylight Redirecting Window Film is a specialty film engineered for commercial applications including office spaces, schools, hospitals, and more.

  • Redirects natural light as deep as 40 feet
  • Lowers lighting costs
  • Studies shown to improve employee productivity and student test scores as well as decrease absentee rates and patient recovery time

3M Scotchshield Safety & Security Window Film

3M Scotchshield Window Film is 3M’s renowned safety and security line, providing ultimate protection for residential and commercial properties.

  • Mitigates broken glass hazards
  • Protects against natural disasters, break-ins, burglaries, and more
  • Offers invisible, around-the-clock protection

3M Decorative & Privacy Window Film

3M delivers an extensive selection of decorative and privacy window films that can be utilized for Salt Lake City homes and businesses.

  • Highly customizable and available in a multitude of colors and designs
  • Provides elegant privacy solutions at an affordable cost
  • Can be used for visual marketing

For more information on 3M window tinting solutions for your Salt Lake City property, please contact us! We provide free consultations in order to help determine project goals and determine the right 3M product for you.