Sunscape Window Film

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Sunscape: Engineered for Optimal Energy Savings 

Sunscape, a Madico brand, is a line of energy efficient window film solutions for both residential and commercial application in the Salt Lake City area. Designed to help residents alleviate energy costs while improving building comfort, Sunscape delivers highly efficient solutions that reduce HVAC consumption all year-round.

Advantages of Sunscape Window Film

Sunscape window films delivers numerous advantages for both residential and commercial applications throughout Salt Lake City.

  • Eliminates more than 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Natural, non-reflective appearance
  • Rejects up to 80% of the sun’s energy
  • Maintains consistent internal temperature year-round

Sunscape Window Film Products

Sunscape delivers a comprehensive line of window film solutions that promote the same basic advantages with added benefits or different aesthetics.

  • Duralite: neutral appearance that minimizes interior and exterior reflectance
  • Designer grey: maintain a crisp, clear view with visible light range of medium to light shades
  • Softlite: natural, soft earth-tone
  • Starlite: custom series that offers less reflectivity on the inside while providing light control
  • Advanced ceramic: slightly darkens windows without any reflective appearance
  • Purelite: extreme neutral appearance
  • Solar safety: in addition to solar protection, mitigates broken glass hazards

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