HDClear Window Film

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HDClear: the Industry Leader in Decorative Film 

HDClear promotes visually stunning decorative window films that are a wonderful investment for both long-term and short-term residential and commercial projects in Salt Lake City. HDClear utilizes a proprietary printing process in addition to high definition colored inks in order to deliver vibrant, unique decorative films. From visual marketing tools to intriguing decals, HDClear decorative films can transform any existing space.

HDClear Clear Decorative Window Film

HDClear Clear Decorative Window Film utilizes optically clear polyester films that promote color, beauty, and eye-catching graphics for any Salt Lake City property.

  • Highly customizable, stunning graphics
  • Available with single and double-sided graphics
  • White and colored ink printing

HDClear HDFrost Window Film

HDClear HDFrost Window Film offers Salt Lake City residents the opportunity to achieve the beautiful frosted glass look at a fraction of the price.

  • Elegant privacy solution for home and office
  • Available in a transparent look
  • Customizable frosted design

HDClear HDWhite Window Film

HDClear HDWhite Window Film offers customizable white patterns, gradients, and graphics for a timeless look in both Salt Lake City residential and commercial properties.

  • Single-sided design
  • Available in translucent and transparent options
  • Custom frost printed window film

HDClear HDFade Window Film

HDClear HDFade Window Film delivers gradient privacy window film solutions that control unwanted views in Salt Lake City homes and offices.

  • Available in both gradients and fades
  • Customizable gradient/fade directions
  • Customizable transparency and opaque

HDClear HDView Window Film

HDClear HDView Window Film is a unique decorative film that features graphics that are only visible from the exterior while maintaining optically clear views from the interior.

  • Perfect for advertisements that include wording and logos
  • HD printing with white and colored inks
  • Graphic only visible from one side

HDClear HDEnhance Window Film

HDClear HDEnhance Window Film was engineered for retail display in mind, offering life-like graphics that improve buyer experience and brand visibility.

  • Full white and color ink printing process
  • Utilizes up to six color design layers to enhance graphic’s aesthetic
  • Truly clear polyester film

HDClear HDLam Window Film

HDClear HDLam provides an unique window film option that can be laminated in any Salt Lake City property.

  • Polyester film provides high clarity
  • HD printing process with white and colored inks
  • Can be laminated between two layers of glass for long-term projects

HDClear HDCling Window Film

HDClear HDCling Window Film features temporary decorative film solutions created for short-term projects in Salt Lake City offices and storefronts.

  • Whiteboard option available for conference rooms, offices, and more
  • Great for regional or seasonal promotions
  • Affordable pricing

HDClear HDSolar Energy Reduction Window Film

HDClear HDSolar Energy Reduction Window Film enhances exterior building aesthetics while providing extensive protection from the sun.

  • Reduces glare and provides fade protection
  • Blocks up to 99.9% of UV rays and 97% of infrared heat
  • Great ROI– pays for itself in 2-5 years on average

HDClear HDSafety Security Window Film

HDClear HDSafety Security Window Film establishes property protection from a wide array of threats.

  • Reduces damage from severe weather and bomb blasts
  • Holds broken glass together in order to protect building occupants and valuables
  • Deters break-ins while providing additional response time

For more information regarding HDClear decorative window film solutions for your Salt Lake City home or business, please contact us for a free consultation!