Madico Window Film

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Madico: The Leader in Specialty Window Film 

Acclaimed for its unique selection of specialty architectural window film, Madico has delivered several innovations to the industry for over 100 years. From anti-graffiti films to commercial UV blocking solutions, Salt Lake City homeowners and business owners can find the right investment for their property from Madico.

Madico Energy Conservation Architectural Window Film

Madico Energy Conservation Architectural Window Film enhances any space in the Salt Lake City area by providing optimal energy efficiency and savings.

  • Rejects 86% of solar heat
  • Reduces glare
  • Helps with LEED certification
  • Provides UV protection

Madico Safety and Security Window Film

Madico Safety and Security Window Film enables comprehensive protection against vandalism, natural disasters, break-ins, burglaries, freak accidents, and more.

  • Protect building occupants and valuables from a multitude of threats
  • Protect surfaces from vandalism and graffiti
  • Deters break-ins and smash-and-grab robberies

Madico Decorative Window Film

Madico Decorative Window Film delivers an elegant line of privacy solutions for residential and commercial use.

  • Decolite series is available in various colors and designs
  • Highly customizable
  • Provides innovative privacy solutions

Madico Solution Series Window Film

Madico Solution Series Window Film offers specialty products engineered for specific issues that can make homes and businesses dysfunctional.

  • UV-Gard: filters out over 99% of ultraviolet light, providing high UV protection while maintaining high visible light transmission
  • Amber 81: blocks UV light while maintaining low visible light transmission; designed for medical settings
  • Graffiti Free: sacrificial layer that protects surfaces from vandalism and graffiti
  • Blister Free:  designed specially for polycarbonate and acrylic surfaces; protects your window film investments from blistering
  • Printables: custom graphic film printing; available in optical clear, UV blocking, or scratch-resistant
  • View Control: different viewing angles change between translucent and transparent, providing unique, effective privacy

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