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Improving Energy Efficiency for Your Salt Lake City Hospital with LLumar Window Film

February 6, 2019 in Aggrigate, Energy Efficient Window Tinting

Hospitals have some of the highest running costs due to the massive amounts of energy being used to run equipment, facilitate surgeries and operations, and all the occupants that house their properties. Lowering energy costs can definitely help lower overall running costs impacting the bottom line. Keeping hospitals a certain temperature is crucial for keeping the environment both sterile and comfortable. LLumar energy efficient window film provides a great commercial solution for Salt Lake City hospitals.

LLumar Energy Efficient Window Film Advantages for Salt Lake City Hospitals

LLumar energy efficient window film has an excellent commercial line that’s perfect for keeping hospitals the temperature they’re supposed to be. By maintaining the same temperature throughout, patients and staff will appreciate the consistency and comfort. LLumar energy efficient window film also has the added benefits of UV protection and glare reduction. UV protection is so important for hospitals in order to keep their equipment and anything within direct sunlight from permanent sun damage or fading. Glare reduction makes working more productive for employees while making patient recovery more comfortable when they’re watching TV. LLumar energy efficient window film provides the right energy efficiency option that’s both cost-effective and fast to install. Window film costs a fraction of window replacement and offers additional, exclusive benefits.

Llumar® Window Films for Salt Lake City Hospitals from Salt Lake City Window Tinting on Vimeo.

Energy Audit for Your Salt Lake City Hospital

Salt Lake Window Tinting is proud to have LEED certified specialists on our team that can provide extensive energy audits for your hospital. With the best energy specialists available, we can ensure the right product recommendations that provide ROI. Energy audits are a wonderful way to understand your energy usage as well as energy needs. We carry the full commercial line from LLumar and are looking forward to helping you save!

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The Importance of Installing Window Film in Salt Lake City Hospitals For Safety

January 28, 2019 in Aggrigate, Safety And Security Window Film

Window film Makes Salt Lake City Hospitals More Safe And Comfortable

Hospitals in Salt Lake City are so very important to our community and a place where those the sick and enfeebled are able to heal to hopefully thrive once more. They also house some of the finest doctors, nurses and administration staff in the entire state of Utah. This is why safety for hospitals is a big deal and something for administrators to take a hard look at considering all those in their care. One simple way to add a significant amount of safety to a hospital building is safety and security window film. The benefits from safety and security window film are both numerous and profound. Read below to find out just how window film is able to make hospitals here in Salt Lake City a safe place for people to thrive.

The Safety And Security Benefits Of Window Film For Salt Lake City Hospitals

Bomb and Bullet Resistance: The chances of a gun or bomb attack on a hospital in Salt Lake City is fairly slim BUT, we also live in a time where this type of violence happens seemingly a random all too often. Preparing for the worst case scenario, like a bomb or gun attack is always a good idea and therefore, should be a consideration for any commercial space–hospitals included.

UV Protection: One of the most potent and harmful hazards to the health of skin and eyes shine right through windows onto patients and staff–UV rays. Window film blocks the detrimental rays of the sun, giving the equivalent of 1000 SPF, while still allowing in natural light which helps patients recover faster.

Accident Mitigation: Slip and falls into glass windows, doors and other glass fixtures at hospitals are very common in hospitals because of the advanced age and poor health of the patients. A way to mitigate the damage done by breaking glass is to have window film applied–which will then act much like tempered safety glass; causing the glass to fracture into tiny pieces and stay adhered to the film.

Natural Disaster Protection: Natural disasters and severe storms happen all the time here in Utah and with them comes a lot of damage. First among these potentially dangerous side effects from natural disasters is–broken glass. It often hurts and kills people during storms. Safety and security window film protects by keeping glass, stuck to the film and within the frame, which stops it from flying around and hurting people–or worse.

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Salt Lake City Energy Audits and Window Film: Frequently Asked Questions

January 13, 2019 in Energy Efficient Window Tinting

If energy costs for your home seem abnormally high, you may have looked into getting an energy audit done. Having an energy audit done for your home can be extremely beneficial. An energy audit can help you determine how much energy your home is consuming and what issues may be leading to high energy costs. Once you’ve had an energy audit done, you can determine what next steps you need to take to solve the issue, like installing window film for your Salt Lake City home.

However, if this is your first time going through the process of getting an energy audit, you may have some questions. Below, we’ve provided some answers to frequently asked questions about energy audits in Salt Lake City and how window film can help.

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