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3 Reasons to Use Window Film For Business Graphics and Advertising

October 4, 2021 in Aggrigate, Privacy And Decorative Window Film

Almost every business has glass windows and doors in the front of its establishment. Using these transparent features and other flat surfaces in innovative ways is a fantastic way to promote your business. Decorative window film is one of the most gorgeous and cost-effective methods to accomplish this. These amazing films can convert a drab front window into a beautiful, appealing sales display as well as a branding tool for businesses large and small. Furthermore, decorative advertising film has several more significant advantages for commercial spaces here in Salt Lake City. Read on to learn about some of them!

Advertising With Window Film

Decorative Window Film Benefit 1

Advertising Window Film is 100% Customizable: Decorative window film may be utilized by any sort of business vertical–especially those open to walk-ins. This is because these outstanding films are easily customizable and changed out on demand. You may create any style design with advertising window film. Logos and company information such as hours of operation can be featured on your  Salt Lake City space’s front door windows or a bright seasonal display. The only constraint is your own creativity when it comes to advertising with decorative window film—not feeling inspired? Allow us to come up with a design for your business front.

Decorative Window Film Benefit 2

Advertising Window Film Blocks UV Rays: Decorative films are great for branding glass windows, but they’re also an excellent method to keep the sun out. These lovely high-definition films not only filter out 99.9 percent of the harmful UV radiation, but they also serve two purposes: maintaining temperatures and protecting interiors from being destroyed by UV radiation.   This is critical in a city like SLC that sees a lot of sunshine.

Decorative Window Film Benefit 3

Advertising Window Film Brings in Customers: Window film is definitely something to consider if your vertical requires walk-ins to thrive. They’re one of the most powerful and cost-effective methods to promote your business and encourage people to pop in. Advertising films set you apart from other brands in visually “noisy” spaces. They advertise for your location while also providing top-of-mind attention to those who see your display.

At Salt Lake Window Tinting, we have designers ready to make a powerful visual masterpiece for your Salt Lake City commercial space–contact us today to reserve a free, on-site consultation.


Creative Ways to Use Window Film in Your Salt Lake City Remodel

October 1, 2021 in Aggrigate, Residential Window Film

Home improvements are a great way to build equity fast. Even minor renovations can make a big difference in the value of your home and also boost its curb appeal.

Updating your home requires time and money, but there are many affordable ways to get it done. There are lots of tricks you can use to save money.

For example, window films are a great option for Salt Lake City remodels on a budget. With window film, you can update windows and surfaces in your home affordably and give it a fresh, modern look. Continue reading »

Beautiful Ways to Use Privacy Window Film in Your Salt Lake City Home

August 24, 2021 in Aggrigate, Privacy And Decorative Window Film, Residential Window Film

If you own a home with big street facing windows, you probably appreciate all the natural light you get. At the same, being exposed to the world around you can be an unnerving feeling. You never know who is watching or what kind of intentions they have.

Instead of covering up your big beautiful windows, you should consider installing privacy window film for your Salt Lake City home. With privacy film, you can get the privacy and security you need without sacrificing natural light.

Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite ways to use privacy film in home interiors. Continue reading »

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