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What Is Dual-Reflective Window Film?

October 4, 2019 in Privacy And Decorative Window Film

Anyone who owns a car knows a thing or two about window film. But have you ever heard of dual-reflective window film? Probably not. Few Salt Lake City property owners have. And the reason is, it’s a relatively new innovation, but one that has major advantages. In this article, we’ll get you up to speed on this new window tinting technology and explain exactly how you can benefit from adding it to your windows.

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Vision Strips for Safer Glass Features in Your Salt Lake City Commercial Space

August 28, 2019 in Aggrigate, Safety And Security Window Film

We see a lot of customers come through looking for safety solutions for glass. In particular, for making clear glass walls, windows and doors more visible. Often they have already experienced an accident. Which is why, we believe when it comes to keeping your Salt Lake City commercial location safe for tenants, workers, and visitors–you should spare no expense. Window film is an affordable solution one of the main causes of accidents in commercial locations–accidental run-ins with glass. Referred to as vision strips or distraction markers, this technology is making workplaces here in Salt Lake City and around the world safer for us all.

What Are Vision Strips

Vision strips essentially window film. One with a visible pattern embedded onto it which helps people avoid run-ins with clear glass. It is a simple technology which helps businesses, just like yours, stop devastating collisions of people and dangerous glass features. This leads to injury and opens commercial spaces up to litigation. Also, it is often required as part of building codes in most states. So knowing the reason why the film is good for your–what kind of vision strip is right for your commercial space? Read on and find out!

Branding and Logo Vision Strips: Branding vision stripes are great for displaying your business’s message to the world. Whether it be your company’s logo or website, and even your phone number– it’s an easy way to incorporate both your marketing and a custom safety maker into your window design. Therefore this type of design is great for retail locations, restaurants, and hotels.

Decorative Vision Strips: For style, nothing beats the look of a stylish pattern or image on clear glass. Distraction markers like these are wonderful for making your space safer from glass collisions but double as modern touches of style too. Therefore adding a bold vision strip in this manner is perfect for creative businesses, office spaces, and can even be a wonderful addition to retail storefronts too.

Architectural Vision Strips: Mostly serving the purpose of safety compliance rather than something design-oriented. these types of strips are very functional with a simple form. But, by no means are they boring–just subtle. This type of vision strip often involves a horizontal pattern at about chest height–usually strips or dots or geometric patterns. It marks where the glass begins and ends but tends to blend rather than stick out. For these reasons, this type of vision strip goes well with law offices, hotels, and government buildings.

We here at Salt Lake Window Tinting are always happy to work with potential clients to get them information and pricing on vision strips. To learn more about them and what type of distraction markers may be required for your Salt Lake City space, contact us today.

How Much Does Window Film Cost?

August 15, 2019 in Window Tint and Film

Does your home get too hot during the summer? You may have an energy efficiency issue on your hands. Contrary to popular belief, high utility costs aren’t usually caused by doing things like leaving the lights on or over-using appliances. They’re usually the result of poor insulation. And old windows are generally the root cause.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to improve the performance of old windows is installing window film. Instead of replacing the existing glass, homeowners can install a window film for thermal protection. Despite this, people are quick to replace their old windows. They assume that if their windows are the problem, it’s best to get rid of them, right? Wrong. Installing window film is a far solution. Why? Because it’s cheaper. Much, much cheaper.

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