What is Whiteboard Film?

May 26, 2021 in Aggrigate, Glare Reducing Window Tinting

A new trend is emerging in the office and education worlds and other industries. It is something called whiteboard films and it alleviates a lot of the issues with traditional freestanding whiteboards and/or permanent whiteboard fixtures. These films basically go on any flat surface (glass, walls, doors) making them a whiteboard. Many of these films are DIY but to be truly effective they should be installed by a professional film company. Not only is the quality of film higher but they will last longer too. Plus, you are guaranteed to reap all the benefits below as collaborate, take notes and express yourself on these amazing whiteboard surface films!

 The Benefits of Whiteboard Films

  1. Customizable in shape and size: One of the problems with traditional whiteboards is they are usually large and can only be put in certain places. Since whiteboard film is applied on top of flat surfaces–they can be put almost anywhere! Plus, your institution can put have them cut and applied to virtually any size, shape, or configuration–so your creativity is your only limit.
  2. The most attractive whiteboard option: Let’s face it, freestanding whiteboards are bulky and not very nice to look at crammed in a space. Permanent whiteboards hung on walls end up stained and messy looking with marks that never go away. Worse yet, even if your board stays clean, one accidental mark with a permanent marker or pen means replacement–but replacing them is expensive. With whiteboard window film in your Salt Lake City school or business, you simply have the film removed and replaced at a fraction of the price! 
  3. Easy to maintain: When you have whiteboard films by 3M Whiteboard applied you will never have to deal with permanent ghosting (marks left behind over time from marker). They can be used extensively for years with no residue. This saves you money and time trying to remove unsightly marks that never go away. 

For more information on how you can maximize your space and save money on whiteboard replacement, contact us at Salt Lake City Window Tinting for pricing on whiteboard films in Salt Lake.

Could Glare Be a Workplace Safety Issue?

April 18, 2021 in Aggrigate, Glare Reducing Window Tinting

When it comes to keeping businesses safe here in the Salt Lake City area–we often think of our safety and security windows films. They keep shattered glass in place after a high-velocity blow or fall–protecting employees. But, as we have seen throughout the years, there is more to keeping workers safe than just protecting them from random attacks and falls. Creating a harm-free environment is part of that too. As it were, there is a silent, slower threat to the employees of your Salt Lake City offices, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, and more–glare.

Why Glare May be Violating OSHA Workplace Standards

Glare is defined as:

“visual conditions in which there is excessive contrast or inappropriate distribution of light sources that disturb the observer or limits the ability to distinguish details and objects.”

We are betting more people can think of more than a few places in their work environment that fit that description exactly. OSHA’s require employers to provide good lighting–which can’t be excessive. Under this definition glare sure sounds like a workplace hazard. But there is more. 

Why Glare is So Dangerous in Salt Lake City Workspaces

Excessive sun and glare are dangerous anywhere. Here in SLC, the stakes are higher because of the elevation. Glare from windows causes not only an annoyance but harm to employees including:

  • Eye Strain
  • Headaches
  • UV Radiation Exposure
  • Sunburn
  • Neck and Shoulder Strain
  • Blurry Vision

All of these make for a poor working environment, employees that are tardy or absent more frequently and less productive too!

Window Film: The Solution to Glare on Workplace Windows

The best way to stop glare on windows at your business while still letting in natural light and keeping employees safe and happy is through window film. It stops the excessive light that causes eye, skin, and muscle ailments and keeps screens clear. It also blocks 99.9% of harmful UV radiation keeping your employees better protected from cancer and diseases of the eyes and skin. Window tinting is a wonderful and affordable technology and one that will pay for itself via utility savings and human resource preservation many times over.

For more information on window film for your Salt Lake City business contact us at Salt Lake Window Tinting today!


3 Benefits of Installing Glare Reduction Window Film in Salt Lake City Offices

April 27, 2019 in Commercial Window Film, Glare Reducing Window Tinting

Your employees are the backbone of your business. As their manager, you want to do everything you can to make sure that your they’re taken care of, which includes providing a comfortable office to work in.

Discomfort is a huge distraction to work. If your employees are constantly battling glare on their computer monitors or lap tops, you may want to think about installing glare reduction window film.

Glare reduction window film for your Salt Lake City office is a great investment for many reasons. Not only can it help create a more comfortable work environment for your staff, but it can also benefit your business in the long run. Here’s how.

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What Is The Best Level Of Window Tinting For Your Salt Lake City Home Or Office Space

February 28, 2019 in Glare Reducing Window Tinting

Window Tinting Levels That Will Work For Your Salt Lake City Office Or Home

Most of the time when people come to us for window tinting, the reason they came is almost always to block out excessive light and glare. That makes sense since we are here in Salt Lake City where the sun is very bright. However, in order to get the most out of window tinting, it is important to consider other factors that you may want to address.

In order to choose the very best window tint for your Salt Lake City home or office you definitely want to talk to us about:

  • The Level of privacy you want
  • The amount of light you want to let in
  • How much glare you get and which way your windows face (i.e. south, north, west, east)
  • Whether temperature control is an issue

Window Tinting In Salt Lake City For Privacy

If privacy is something you need more of in your Salt Lake City home or business– you are not alone! And, in these cases, you likely want a lower tint percentage on your window tinting. Window films with a lower percentage of light transmission (40% and below) are darker and hence they let in very little light– obscuring the view from those looking in If these tints are too dark for you consider a textured tint which will increase the percentage of light you let in but still block people from seeing in.

Window Tinting In Salt Lake City To Control Light Levels

In commercial spaces like stores, event centers, and even restaurants, where you want people to be able to see into your establishment–sun control window film with a 50%-70% level is great. It keeps the sun at bay while still allowing for some visibility of merchandise and interiors. It also is perfect for home– allowing you to see outside clearly day or night because of the low reflectivity but still with a higher level of opacity.

Glare Reducing Window Tinting For Salt Lake City

Glare isn’t just pesky–it can outright stop your ability to work or use some rooms at certain times of the day. Furthermore, computer screens and TV screens simply cannot be seen with glare on them. In these cases, sun control window tints are fantastic because they reduce glare but still let filtered natural light through plus–they keep screens clear as day. These films are typically around 50%-80% tint level.

Window Tinting To Control Temperatures

For temperature control, you don’t need much of a tint level. So, when looking to control the actual heat of the sun or loss of cold air in your Salt Lake City home or office, heat control window films are the way to go. The best part about these films is they are nearly invisible–a level of clarity around 80%-90%. They work by keeping heat and cold in and/or by reducing solar heat gain. Talk to us here at Salt Lake Window Tinting to find the right temperature control tint for your situation.

Window tinting will do so much for your SLC home or office and add to the quality of your life. Contact us today for more information and pricing on home or commercial window tinting!

Window Tinting For Your Salt Lake City Home For Glare Free Living!

August 11, 2017 in Glare Reducing Window Tinting

The Science Behind High Altitude Sun Glare: It’s Not Just In Your Head

If you have lived in the Great Salt Lake City area for just a few days or all your life, you are likely aware that this city is all about breathtaking views and outdoor adventures!  However, what many people who move here or have lived here their entire life are all too aware of is–there are a whole range of problems unique to living at such a high altitude.  One of the most frequent complaints regarding living at over a mile high that we get at  Salt Lake Window Tinting is homeowners frustrated with the incredibly bright Utah Sun.   That’s right, the excessive glare here is not just a figment of your imagination.   The fact is,  UV/UVB radiation is higher here because, at higher altitudes, a thinner atmosphere filters less UV radiation.  As a rule of thumb, for roughly every 3,200 ft increase in altitude, UV levels increase by 10% to 12%.  You can do the math then and see just how much stronger the sun is here.   Although you probably know from experience as well; westward facing rooms are for all intents and purposes unusable for at least 3 hours a day.  This is because, when the already intense sun hits the glass of your windows, it causes refraction and light displacement.    All of these factors equate to decreased comfort, unviewable screens, loss of view out the window.  Since you live in arguably one of the most beautiful places in the US, glare on your windows is definitely something to curtail.  Don’t let glare ruin the view–install window film on your Salt Lake City home and revel in a home life free from curtains, blinds, and most importantly,  glare!


Window Tinting Greatly Reduces Sun Glare In Your Salt Lake City Home


Controlling glare is basically about reducing your window’s Visible Light Transmission (VLT). Look at window film as sunglasses for your windows.  Much like the shades you wear over your eyes, the darker the film (lens) the more sunlight that is blocked and the less glare you will see.  We know you may be concerned about overly dark windows impeding your views or making your home windows look dark and unsightly but don’t worry–Salt Lake Window Tinting offers a variety of glare reducing films in many different of tint levels. Actually,  many of our films are barely even noticeable from the inside and out.  In fact, our most popular films offer a softer tint that will still reduce light transmission by 50%.  You get privacy, beauty and glare control all from one film!  

Contact us at Salt Lake Window Tinting to schedule a free, on-site consultation and start enjoying mountain living to the fullest!