Commercial & Residential Window Tinting for St. George

Salt Lake Window Tinting offers commercial and residential window tinting services to the city of St. George, Utah. Window tint is choice that makes sense for St. George’s architecture due to its warm, dry climate and proximity near several tourist attractions, including Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon. It can be used for decorative storefronts, home and business climate control, security, and more. Just read the information below to learn about the benefits.

casper cloaking window film salt lake

Decorative Window Tint

Tourists love St. George due to its historic vibe and close location to major attractions. They frequently stop at its restaurants, hotels, and museums. That’s why decorative window tint is perfect for St. George businesses. Decorative tint offers a way to add artistic flare and visual appeal to your storefront so your business can catch the eye of tourists and locals alike.

Climate Control Window Tint

St. George is one of the driest parts of Utah. The summers are notoriously warm, sometimes reaching as high as 117 degrees, which can make indoor cooling costs a pain for homeowners and businesses. Climate control tint helps block out unwanted heat, improve indoor comfort, and eliminate energy waste. It’s a smart choice for both residential and commercial structures.

Security Window Systems

Prevent theft, vandalism, and other damage from occurring to your home or business with a security window system. Security window tint offers St. George museums, government buildings, healthcare facilities, and homeowners a way to protect occupants and building interiors. It holds broken glass in place and can withstand even some the most intense of forces.

We’ve been installing window film in St. George homes and businesses for years and have over a decade of experience. Call us today to receive an estimate for your project!