Facts About Safety and Security Films for Homes in Salt Lake City

April 28, 2023 in Aggrigate, Commercial Window Film, Residential Window Film, Safety And Security Window Film, Window Tinting Benefits

Are you looking for ways to bolster the safety of your Salt Lake City home, while gaining other perks? If so, security or safety films are an ideal solution. These specialized window films keep shattered glass together if impacted by a thief or destructive force. Not only that – these window coverings offer a variety of advantages that homeowners will appreciate. To learn more about all the benefits associated with adding safety and security film to windows, continue reading below!

Introducing Safety and Security Films for Salt Lake City Homes

Homeowners in Salt Lake City are enhancing the security of their residences with safety films. This thin and straightforward film is designed to strengthen your window glass, keeping dangerous shards contained if it breaks. Its exceptional adhesion creates a barrier that prevents intruders while also letting natural light come through your windows.

Natural Disaster Protection With Home Safety and Security Films

Despite being located in the South, Salt Lake City homes can still be vulnerable to Mother Nature’s turbulent weather patterns. From blistering sunlight to hurricane-strength winds, a number of environmental threats exist that can damage your home. Through applying safety and security films onto windows and doors though, these risks become significantly diminished. Not only does this extra layer of protection help minimize physical destruction from natural disasters but it also provides soundproofing against everyday hustle and bustle as an added bonus!How Do Safety and Security Films Work to Increase Home Security?

Add an extra layer of protection to your home with safety and security films! This innovative technology bonds polyester layers onto glass surfaces, creating a strong barrier that keeps glass windows and doors securely in place. Should an intruder attempt to break in, it would take minutes for them to penetrate the fortified glass – providing you valuable time for escape or contacting authorities. Investing in this added safeguard is well worth it; upgrade your living space today with safety and security films!

How Long Will My Safety and Security Film Last

If you’re looking for reliable protection, safety and security films are your best bet. Not only do they make breaking or penetrating glass surfaces more difficult but also boast a long life expectancy of over 10 years when installed properly and maintained correctly! Even in direct light or extreme heat conditions, these top-notch films remain highly durable without degrading over time.

How Much Does Home Security Window Film Cost?

The cost of these protective films depends significantly on the window or door size, type of film chosen and labor required for installation. Certain projects might necessitate using specialized glazing techniques which could raise your installation costs exponentially. Thus, it is highly advisable to get an estimate prior to bringing in a contractor so that you can identify what works best for your situation. As a general rule, the price range starts at around $7 per square foot up to approximately $15 per square foot but may go higher if specialty installations are needed.

Free Window Film Estimates in Salt Lake City

Home invasions, natural disasters, and other forms of destruction can result in devastating losses. Luckily, safety and security films for your home offer an extra layer of protection to keep you safe. By making it difficult for would-be criminals to enter your residence, these films effectively deter any potential break-ins or theft. If you want more information about how this technology can safeguard your Salt Lake City abode from harm’s way, give us a call today for a complimentary window film appraisal!

What Type of Window Film Is Best for Winter?

November 4, 2022 in Aggrigate, Energy Efficient Window Tinting, Residential Window Film, Window Tinting Benefits

Winter weather can be tough on your utility bills and if your windows aren’t up to par, your costs are likely to go up. Having well-insulated windows is crucial for keeping your home warm. The less you have to rely on artificial heating, the more money you’ll save. Installing window film for your Salt Lake City home is a great way to upgrade your windows without having to replace them. Below, we’ve shared some of our recommendations for the best window films for winter. Continue reading »

3M Thinsulate for a Warmer Winter Home

November 2, 2022 in Aggrigate, Commercial Window Film, Commercial Window Tinting, Energy Efficient Window Tinting, Residential Window Film

When the weather outside is frightful, there’s nothing more delightful than being in a warm home! As a homeowner, you always want to make sure your house is comfortable – especially when seasons change. One way to ensure that your home will be cozy this winter is by having 3M Thinsulate window film installed. This invisible film provides amazing insulation, and it’s also affordable and comes with other benefits.

3M for Winter Insulation in Salt Lake City

Not only does 3M Thinsulate window film keep homes much warmer in winter, but it also offers the benefits of regular window tinting without disrupting the appearance of your windows. This means that your home will be more comfortable and energy-efficient year-round, all while maintaining its sense of style.

3M for Powerful Heat Rejection in Salt Lake City

3M Thinsulate is the best window film for both warm and cold weather conditions. Not only does it trap heat during winter, but it also deflects heat away in summer. On average, about 30% of all conditioned air escapes through windows. By using 3M Thinsulate technology, you’ll save money on energy costs and stay comfortable no matter the season.

3M for Blocking UV in Salt Lake City

The UV rays in Salt Lake City are incredibly harsh! As a result, people need protection from the sun even while they’re inside their homes. Not only that, but UV rays also cause fading of furniture and fabrics. 3M Thinsulate window film blocks out the harmful UV rays that lead to fading and UV-related disease. This makes it an excellent all-around window tinting choice for any home.

Give us a call today if you want to know more about 3M Thinsulate window film or any other of our top-quality window films.

Short on Cash? Window Tint for Your Salt Lake Home Can Help!

June 14, 2022 in Aggrigate, Energy Efficient Window Tinting, Residential Window Film

There’s no feeling worse than being low on funds. Feeling like your budget is stretched too thin can be stressful and exhausting on your mental health. You’re constantly concerned about the cost of everything – from grocery to your utility bill. Fortunately, we have a solution that can help. Installing window film for your Salt Lake City home can help you save money and reduce your financial stress.

Continue reading »

Does Privacy Window Film Work at Night? Salt Lake Window Tinting Answers

April 12, 2022 in Aggrigate, Privacy And Decorative Window Film, Residential Window Film, Residential Window Tinting

Privacy window films are a popular option for Salt Lake City homes because they allow occupants to achieve privacy without blocking light. On top of this, they’re relatively affordable and, in most instances, can be installed quickly in a couple of hours. One of the most common questions we get about privacy window films is, do they work at night time?  Continue reading »

Energy Saving Window Film FAQ for Salt Lake City Homeowners

January 10, 2022 in Aggrigate, Energy Efficient Window Tinting, Residential Window Film

In a perfect world, every home would be energy efficient. Having an energy efficient home is beneficial for the environment and can also help your family save money and stay comfortable indoors. Unfortunately, not all homes are designed with energy efficiency as a priority. If a home lacks insulation and efficiency qualities, the owner will likely find themselves spending a good portion of their paycheck on utility bills. Continue reading »

Creative Ways to Use Window Film in Your Salt Lake City Remodel

October 1, 2021 in Aggrigate, Residential Window Film

Home improvements are a great way to build equity fast. Even minor renovations can make a big difference in the value of your home and also boost its curb appeal.

Updating your home requires time and money, but there are many affordable ways to get it done. There are lots of tricks you can use to save money.

For example, window films are a great option for Salt Lake City remodels on a budget. With window film, you can update windows and surfaces in your home affordably and give it a fresh, modern look. Continue reading »

Beautiful Ways to Use Privacy Window Film in Your Salt Lake City Home

August 24, 2021 in Aggrigate, Privacy And Decorative Window Film, Residential Window Film

If you own a home with big street facing windows, you probably appreciate all the natural light you get. At the same, being exposed to the world around you can be an unnerving feeling. You never know who is watching or what kind of intentions they have.

Instead of covering up your big beautiful windows, you should consider installing privacy window film for your Salt Lake City home. With privacy film, you can get the privacy and security you need without sacrificing natural light.

Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite ways to use privacy film in home interiors. Continue reading »

Should I Get Insulating Window Film Installed in Summer?

August 10, 2021 in Aggrigate, Commercial Window Tinting, Residential Window Film

When you think of insulation for your Salt Lake City home–the first thing that comes to mind is usually the cold. The winters here can get frigid, which is why we get a lot of customers who only think about getting window film in the winter. However, window tints and films are useful all year round. Not only will they insulate your windows in winter and summer, but they offer many other benefits 360 days a year.  

Additional Benefits of Insulating Window Film

Besides keeping heated air in during the summer, window film will also keep cooled air in during the winter. This adds up to a lot of benefits for homes with this amazing technology applied to it.

Year-round savings with window film:  One of the most significant benefits of window film is the money you will save with it! It will lower utility bills dramatically–saving you money every month. It will also make your HVAC systems run more efficiently. This means they will break down less often and require fewer costly repairs.

Better security with window film: Window film is an added layer of protection against crimes like break-ins. The film keeps the glass adhered to itself even after the glass is broken. This means a thief will have to work longer and harder to get in. In most cases, a burglar will move on rather than make any more noise by attracting attention trying to get through the window.

More Home Comfort With Window Film: When your Salt Lake City home windows keep heated and cooled, air trapped inside the temperatures are more even. This eliminates those pesky hot and cold spots that can make your house uncomfortable. This also means you won’t have to deal with rooms that are too hot to use during the summer or too cold in the winter.  

For more information or pricing on window film for your Salt Lake City home, contact us today.