How Homeowners Can Save Money In Salt Lake City With Window Film

April 21, 2022 in Aggrigate, Residential Window Tinting

When it comes to owning a home, it’s critical to find worthy investments that provide optimal function and beauty. There are a wide variety of choices available when it comes to home investments. In order to choose wisely, you’ll need to consider budget and effectiveness. From curb appeal improvements to interior investments, there are a lot of different routes you can go. When it comes to saving money, window film is a great option for a variety of reasons. Here’s how homeowners can save money in Salt Lake City with window film.

The Money-Saving Benefits of Window Film for Salt Lake City Properties

There are many benefits available when it comes to window film. Energy-saving window film delivers a wonderful ROI that can offer a full payback period in three years or less. Energy efficiency can be achieved, lowering HVAC consumption and improving comfort. Homeowners can save around 30% in the summer and 10% to 15% during the winter on average. Another way window film can help homeowners save money is with UV protection. UV blocking window film provides the ultimate fade protection. Flooring, furniture, art, and other valuables within direct sunlight can experience significant fading and discoloration. That requires a lot of money in repairs and replacement. This can help keep your home valuables in the best condition possible while lowering the risk of certain health concerns that can increase with overexposure to UV radiation.

Work With Salt Lake City’s Number One Residential Window Film Expert

Salt Lake Window Tinting is honored to be the number one residential window film expert serving the state of Utah. We’re able to provide energy audits, recommendations, and guidance on energy efficiency solutions. We have the largest selection of residential window film options and we’ve got you covered. For more information regarding money-saving benefits of window film, please contact us!

Does Privacy Window Film Work at Night? Salt Lake Window Tinting Answers

April 12, 2022 in Aggrigate, Privacy And Decorative Window Film, Residential Window Film, Residential Window Tinting

Privacy window films are a popular option for Salt Lake City homes because they allow occupants to achieve privacy without blocking light. On top of this, they’re relatively affordable and, in most instances, can be installed quickly in a couple of hours. One of the most common questions we get about privacy window films is, do they work at night time?  Continue reading »

Will Window Film Darken My Salt Lake City Home Windows?

May 9, 2018 in Aggrigate, Residential Window Tinting

One Of The Most Common Window Film Questions Answered

One of the most frequent questions we at Salt Lake City Window Tinting is–”Will window film darken my home’s windows?” The broad answer is–How much your windows are darkened (or not darkened) is dependent on the product you choose and what level and application you use it for. Read below to find out which films could affect the shade or clarity of your windows the most and how to choose the film that best suits you shade preference.

How WIndow Film Shading And Reflectivity Work

As mentioned, the type of film you choose in your home will ultimately determine the level of darkness, opacity or reflectivity–which means the power is yours to choose what you prefer. so it’s really up to you as the consumer! With such a wide variety of films on today’s market, there is never a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to film. As a consumer, you will want to thoroughly consult with a window film professional on the types of window films they offer for your particular needs, but at the bare minimum window film should offer UV protection, heat rejection, glare control and some level of added security. Below we have outlined the different levels of window film from basic to mid-range to premium, so you will have an idea of how things work going into our conversation.

Types Of Window Films And Their Opacity And Reflectivity Levels

Basic Window Film: Is typically called metalized or “dual-reflective” film. It is made up of microscopic pieces of metal which reflect and bounce heat and glare off a window like a mirror. This type of window film is energy efficient and will reduce heat and glare, lowering utility bills. However, it is not always the aesthetic and style customers want on their homes

Mid-Range Window Film: Is called a dyed, pigment or hybrid window film. It uses a special blend of dyes and pigments to absorb the sun’s heat and UV rays. This film too is energy efficient, reduces glare and solar heat gain, saving you money but is more popular because of the reduced reflectivity and more natural look from both inside and outside.

Premium Window Film: Today’s modern premium window films are made from ceramic and fine metals. Ceramic is extremely heat-absorbant and used as an insulator on spacecrafts and power lines. Better than mid-range film at absorbing heat and much more attractive than basic window film, this film comes in nearly any shade or reflectivity level, even to the point of reducing your windows’ natural reflective, enhancing your view.

For more information on choosing the right window film for your Salt Lake City home, watch the video below:

As always, you pay for what you get, so we always recommend purchasing the best window film you can afford. Better window films will last longer and perform better throughout the life of the film. For More information and to schedule a free consultation, contact us at Salt Lake City Window Tinting today!

Increase the Comfort & Safety of Your Salt Lake City Home with 3M Window Film

April 13, 2018 in Aggrigate, Residential Window Tinting

Finding affordable ways to improve comfort and safety in your Salt Lake City home can seem difficult and daunting, especially when looking for energy efficiency or better security measures. Renowned for their innovative residential window film solutions that have been improving lives and helping homeowners save significantly, 3M provides cost-effective products that can really optimize your Salt Lake City home’s safety and comfort.

3M Residential Window Film Options for Your Salt Lake City Home

3M Sun Control Window Film is a great investment for Salt Lake City homeowners, offerings high solar rejection, limited light transmission, and UV blocking properties that combine for an effective solution against excessive heat, cold, and fade protection. 3M Sun Control Window Film can block up to 99.9% of UV rays, protecting your home furnishings, valuables, and family from permanent sun damage. This window film series provides different aesthetics as well, ensuring you’ll find the look you’re going for. 3M Scotchshield Safety and Security Window Film mitigates broken glass hazards after any hard impact, protecting your loved ones and furniture from glass shrapnel. Deter break-ins and burglaries with around the clock protection from 3M’s security film series. 3M also offers a line of privacy and decorative film, great for bathrooms, home offices, and much more. With a comprehensive line of different, affordable solutions, 3M window films can optimize comfort and safety in your home.

Installing 3M Residential Window Film in Salt Lake City Homes

Salt Lake Window Tinting is proud to be the trusted 3M window film contractor in the Salt Lake City area. We’ve successfully completed numerous commercial and residential 3M window tinting projects, offering unmatched experience and the largest selection of 3M window films. We ensure timely, stress-free installation for all our customers.

For more information regarding 3M window film solutions for your Salt Lake City home, please contact us or call: (385) 498-0854