Finding affordable ways to improve comfort and safety in your Salt Lake City home can seem difficult and daunting, especially when looking for energy efficiency or better security measures. Renowned for their innovative residential window film solutions that have been improving lives and helping homeowners save significantly, 3M provides cost-effective products that can really optimize your Salt Lake City home’s safety and comfort.

3M Residential Window Film Options for Your Salt Lake City Home

3M Sun Control Window Film is a great investment for Salt Lake City homeowners, offerings high solar rejection, limited light transmission, and UV blocking properties that combine for an effective solution against excessive heat, cold, and fade protection. 3M Sun Control Window Film can block up to 99.9% of UV rays, protecting your home furnishings, valuables, and family from permanent sun damage. This window film series provides different aesthetics as well, ensuring you’ll find the look you’re going for. 3M Scotchshield Safety and Security Window Film mitigates broken glass hazards after any hard impact, protecting your loved ones and furniture from glass shrapnel. Deter break-ins and burglaries with around the clock protection from 3M’s security film series. 3M also offers a line of privacy and decorative film, great for bathrooms, home offices, and much more. With a comprehensive line of different, affordable solutions, 3M window films can optimize comfort and safety in your home.

Installing 3M Residential Window Film in Salt Lake City Homes

Salt Lake Window Tinting is proud to be the trusted 3M window film contractor in the Salt Lake City area. We’ve successfully completed numerous commercial and residential 3M window tinting projects, offering unmatched experience and the largest selection of 3M window films. We ensure timely, stress-free installation for all our customers.

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