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Getting customers to walk through your doors is one of the most challenging aspects of owning a retail store. You can spend thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising in attempts to make this happen. But in many cases, what it comes down to is simply a matter of appearances.

The key to catching customers’ attention is making your storefront look interesting. You have to give them a reason to want to walk through the door, whether it’s by advertising a certain product or sale or catching their attention with an eye catching display. One easy way to accomplish this is by giving your retail store in Salt Lake City a makeover with Solyx Decorative Window Film.

Create a Bright and Vibrant Storefront with Color Window Film Options

The use of color window films is becoming an increasing trend in retail stores. By arranging different colored window films in patterns or grids, you can create an almost stained glass like effect.

Solyx Colored Window Films are available in a variety of vibrant colors and styles. Choose from translucent, frosted, or sandblasted styles to create a look of your own. Or, for a truly unique effect, opt for a Solyx Dichroic color changing window film.

Update Your Decor and Messaging Seasonally with Holiday Themed Window Film

Holidays offer a huge opportunity to increase sales. Unfortunately, competition also gets quite fierce around holiday weekends and Christmas time. Standing out from the hundreds of different stores offering similar products to your own can be challenging, but it is possible.

holiday themed film salt lake

Holiday themed window films are a great way to catch the attention of shoppers. Update your decor and messaging with each holiday season to inform shoppers of all the great sales you’re running. Holiday themed film can majorly appeal to your customers on a subliminal level and convince them that their dollar is worth spending at your store.

Start Redesigning Your Storefront Today

Give your retail store an aesthetic upgrade. Call Salt Lake Window Tinting to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with a professional designer or receive an estimate on Solyx decorative window film in Salt Lake.

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