Over the years we have had a ton to write about the benefits of window film in our blogs. We like to point out how useful it is for nearly every part of your everyday life at home and work. Window film also serves a very real and valuable purpose–saving you money. In fact, there likely is no simpler, advantageous improvement for home or business than window film. One type of film, privacy, is critical for home comfort and carries with it many of the same benefits as energy-efficient and security films. Like these films, it also pays for itself in as little as three years (on average)–and continues putting money in your pocket year after year. Privacy film also comes with many other benefits.

Top Three Privacy Window Tinting Benefits

  1. Privacy Window Tinting for More Security: Privacy window tinting makes spaces more private and safer. In commercial settings, this looks like one-way films, and cloaking films protect private/sensitive information. These innovations give coverage to spaces that work with private information like human resources, conference rooms, and accounting. From films that obscure only computer screens with sensitive information on them to others that give coverage to conference rooms for interviews and strategy meetings–commercial privacy films serve many purposes. In homes, privacy window tinting keeps your family and belongings safe from being seen by those just passing by and those ever-nosey neighbors. While these views are usually harmless they are always comfortable. In some cases, they could lead to crimes of opportunity. When someone passing by can readily see your belongings, your family, and if you are home–the odds of them attempting to break in increase.
  2. Privacy Window Film Blocks UV Radiation: UV rays here in the Salt Lake City area are a real problem–because of our altitude. They cause damage both seen and unseen. Unseen damages from UV radiation is lower productivity and increases the odds of sun-related illnesses from headaches to cancers. For an idea of more visible damages–just look at furnishings, rugs, and floors that fade under the rays of the sun and need to be replaced prematurely. So, while privacy window film is wonderful for giving your home or business coverage from prying eyes–it also blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays.
  3. Privacy Window Strengthens Window Glass: A huge part of privacy window film’s function is to protect those inside your home and business from being viewed from the outside. As mentioned above, it also could lower instances of crimes of opportunity. BUT–even if someone does try to break in–privacy film provides more protection. This is because privacy window film strengthens the glass of your windows–making it more impervious to breakage. Although it is not as powerful as a security film system, it still keeps glass adhered to the film when struck. This makes your windows harder to penetrate quickly–causing potential criminals to move on before authorities arrive.

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Mike Kinsey is the head of operations for Salt Lake Window Tinting, one of the largest and most highly regarded window film companies in Utah. For the past decade, Mike has been using his extensive product knowledge, construction experience, and project management abilities to recommend window film solutions that help property owners achieve their architectural goals. From helping customers fight climbing energy costs to implementing effective security and branding solutions, Mike does it all. He oversees every project from start to finish and is the main point of contact for customers. Mike is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education and is well-versed in the nuances of both commercial and residential installs.