Working from home can be tough. Especially if you’re not used to it. Some days, it seems like there’s a new distraction every five minutes that causes you to get up and walk away from your desk.

But of all the distractions that pull your attention away from work, one of the most annoying by far is persistent glare on your computer. Glare makes it nearly impossible to read and can also cause you to feel tired from straining your eyes.

If this sounds like your work from home situation, you should consider glare reducing window film. By installing glare reduction window film for your Salt Lake City home, you can optimize the lighting in your home office and create a more comfortable work environment.

Is Glare Causing You to Lose Focus? Window Film Can Help!

Did you know that it takes over twenty minutes to regain your focus after a distraction? According to a study conducted by the University of California Irvine, “it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to the task.”

That means that every time you get up when the doorbell rings, the kids need homeowner, or the dog wants to be let out into the backyard, you’re losing a huge chunk of time. And glare doesn’t help the issue at all. If you have to constantly move around and adjust your computer screen just to see what you’re working on, you’re going to have a hard time being productive.

That’s why installing glare reduction window film for your Salt Lake City home is such a good idea. Especially if you’re working at home. Glare reduction film eliminates harsh sunlight, preventing screens from becoming glossy and difficult to read.

How Window Film Gets Rid of the Glare in the Room

Right now, you’re probably asking yourself, “How does window film possibly get rid of glare?” It’s simple really. Window film softens and diffuses sunlight as it comes through your windows.

This way, instead of being concentrated in one spot, sunlight is distributed evenly throughout the room. The light is less intense, but the room doesn’t get dark. It still stays bright and beautiful.

Learn more about how it works here: glare-reduction-window-film-salt-lake-city

Work from Home Comfortably this Year

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