Did you know that window tinting can make your Salt Lake City office more comfortable and save money on energy costs? Salt Lake City’s high altitude causes office buildings to be exposed to more intense sunlight that generates excess heat and glare. Not only is this uncomfortable for your employees, but it’s also expensive. But by installing window tint, you can eliminate these issues, save money, and make your office a more enjoyable workspace.

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Here’s How It Works

Visible light is only type of frequency that makes up the electromagnetic spectrum. There are also other forms of light which include infrared, the number one cause of solar heat gain and glare. Window tinting uses spectrally selective technology that only allows certain types of light to pass through the film and enter your windows. Infrared heat is thwarted, thus softening the incoming light to make your office glare free and comfortable.

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Energy Saving Benefits

In addition to improving the comfort of your office, tinting can also save you tons of money on energy costs. Studies show that office buildings with window tint tend to spend up to 30% less on utility costs throughout the course of a year. Over the lifetime of a building, this number can quickly add up to thousands of dollars.

Tinting Vs. Window Replacement

Many people think that triple and double pane windows are the best solution for improving the energy efficiency of a building. However, this is simply not true. Window replacement is incredibly expensive, especially for high rise and multi story buildings. Most of the time, the expense is so great that building owners never see a payback on their investment. But window tinting costs only a fraction of the price of replacement and it’s equally just as effective. Plus, most window films can last up to ten years time. Imagine, an energy saving solution that’s affordable and low maintenance too!

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