Does your home get too hot during the summer? You may have an energy efficiency issue on your hands. Contrary to popular belief, high utility costs aren’t usually caused by doing things like leaving the lights on or over-using appliances. They’re usually the result of poor insulation. And old windows are generally the root cause.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to improve the performance of old windows is installing window film. Instead of replacing the existing glass, homeowners can install a window film for thermal protection. Despite this, people are quick to replace their old windows. They assume that if their windows are the problem, it’s best to get rid of them, right? Wrong. Installing window film is a far solution. Why? Because it’s cheaper. Much, much cheaper.

Why Does My Home Get So Hot During the Summer?

Chances are, if your home gets unbearably hot during the summer, it’s probably because your windows are overdue for replacement. Outdated windows leak cold air not only through gaps like those caused by broken seals, but also through the glass itself. As a material, glass provides hardly any insulation at all. In fact, it’s actually quite porous. This makes it easy for hot air to get through it. Heat builds up on the glass and transfers through to the other side.

Window Film Vs. New Windows

To solve this issue, you have to upgrade the energy efficiency of your windows. You can replace them, but that could cost thousands of dollars. And you have to deal with all of the noisy construction. Or, you can install solar control window film, which can be done in a matter of minutes. No construction. No noise. And, best part, you don’t have to max out your credit cards.

How Much Does Window Film Cost?

In fact, most homeowners pay only a few hundred dollars for window film. The average cost for window tinting ranges from $318 to $904. This includes both parts and labor. That’s a whole lot cheaper than the average cost for new windows, which is $105 to $1,650 per window. In fact, it’s so cheap that the average ROI is three years.

Costs for different types of window film may vary. But it’s still by far one of the most cost-efficient way to improve the energy efficiency of a home. And you’ll love how much more comfortable your place is during the summer.

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Mike Kinsey is the head of operations for Salt Lake Window Tinting, one of the largest and most highly regarded window film companies in Utah. For the past decade, Mike has been using his extensive product knowledge, construction experience, and project management abilities to recommend window film solutions that help property owners achieve their architectural goals. From helping customers fight climbing energy costs to implementing effective security and branding solutions, Mike does it all. He oversees every project from start to finish and is the main point of contact for customers. Mike is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education and is well-versed in the nuances of both commercial and residential installs.