Hospitals have some of the highest running costs due to the massive amounts of energy being used to run equipment, facilitate surgeries and operations, and all the occupants that house their properties. Lowering energy costs can definitely help lower overall running costs impacting the bottom line. Keeping hospitals a certain temperature is crucial for keeping the environment both sterile and comfortable. LLumar energy efficient window film provides a great commercial solution for Salt Lake City hospitals.

LLumar Energy Efficient Window Film Advantages for Salt Lake City Hospitals

LLumar energy efficient window film has an excellent commercial line that’s perfect for keeping hospitals the temperature they’re supposed to be. By maintaining the same temperature throughout, patients and staff will appreciate the consistency and comfort. LLumar energy efficient window film also has the added benefits of UV protection and glare reduction. UV protection is so important for hospitals in order to keep their equipment and anything within direct sunlight from permanent sun damage or fading. Glare reduction makes working more productive for employees while making patient recovery more comfortable when they’re watching TV. LLumar energy efficient window film provides the right energy efficiency option that’s both cost-effective and fast to install. Window film costs a fraction of window replacement and offers additional, exclusive benefits.

Energy Audit for Your Salt Lake City Hospital

Salt Lake Window Tinting is proud to have LEED certified specialists on our team that can provide extensive energy audits for your hospital. With the best energy specialists available, we can ensure the right product recommendations that provide ROI. Energy audits are a wonderful way to understand your energy usage as well as energy needs. We carry the full commercial line from LLumar and are looking forward to helping you save!

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