Maintaining confidentiality is crucial in a healthcare setting. Not only do your patients deserve to have their personal information kept private, but the law also requires it. Since hospitals are such busy places, it’s important to take steps to make sure that patient rooms, conference rooms, and staff areas are equipped with the necessary means to make privacy possible. By installing decorative window film, Salt Lake City hospitals can easily create privacy for any room and keep information secure and confidential.

How to Create Privacy with Decorative Window Film

Having to stay overnight in a hospital is distressing for patients. Not only are they far away from the comforts of home, but they’re in a strange environment and, most of the time, very ill. Installing decorative window film for Salt Lake City hospitals can help patients feel more comfortable and protect their privacy. Here are some different ways you can incorporate decorative/privacy film into your building:

1. Use patterned film for patient rooms.
Installing patterned window film is a great way to create privacy for patient rooms. Patterned and frosted films are wonderful because they still let in a good amount of light, which is important for patient health, but they cover up clear glass areas that are easy to see through.

2. Maintain confidentiality during meetings.
If your hospital has glass conference rooms or staff areas that can be easily seen by the public, decorative window film could help you create privacy. With decorative film, you can keep confidential meeting information private and secure.

3. Make waiting areas more comfortable.
Sitting in a lobby and waiting to check in or for a sick family member to get out of surgery can be distressing. The last thing you want is to be on display while you’re in such an emotional state. By installing decorative window film for your lobby and waiting areas, you can help patients and their family members feel more comfortable and at ease.

Install Decorative Window Film for your Salt Lake City Hospital

Add beautiful privacy to your hospital and give your patients the experience they deserve. Call our office today to get a quote on decorative window film in Salt Lake City.

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