Business and homes throughout the Salt Lake City area are always looking for better ways to help protect their properties. Security systems are always a great way to address numerous issues, however, there are other solutions that can drastically improve safety. With affordability and effectiveness in mind, homeowners and business owners are always looking for better safety measures. C-Bond technology can enhance security film and existing glass windows or glass.

The Advantages of C-Bond Technology for Your Salt Lake City Business or Home

C-Bond technology delivers an innovative solution that actually enhances the strength and performance of existing glass windows as well as window film. When used as a priming agent for security film, your windows are drastically strengthened and optimized. Security film and C-Bond technology are made for each other, providing the best security solutions for both residential and commercial properties. C-Bond is a glass strengthening agent which helps promote better durability and resistance against numerous high impact events. Defend your property from break-ins, burglaries, natural disasters, and more. C-Bond actually makes bomb blast and ballistic resistance possible– when combined with multiple layers of security film and an attachment system, businesses can achieve a higher level of security.

Work with the Leading Source for C-Bond Technology for Salt Lake City Security Projects

Salt Lake Window Tinting is honored to be the leading source for C-Bond technology in the Salt Lake City area. We understand how effective C-Bond is and the way it enhances any window film project. We always use C-Bond in every security project as well as all other window film installations due to quicker cure times, better product adhesion, and optimized performance. Ensure your investment is backed with the unparalleled strength of C-Bond.

For more information regarding C-Bond technology for your Salt Lake City security project, please contact us!