Salt Lake City airports and transit stations can have a difficult time finding an appropriate security solution that can protect the thousands of people that can occupy their property at any given time. Security systems can be great but these commercial properties tend to need more. Bomb blast window film provides extensive coverage for numerous threats and is a significant preventative measure that can save countless lives in your Salt Lake City mass transit system.

Benefits of Bomb Blast Window Film for Your Salt Lake City Airport or Transit Station

Bomb blast window film is a highly capable security system that implements multiple layers of security film, glass strengthening agent, and an attachment system. The result is high flexibility and strength added to your glass making it possible to better absorb the shockwave from high impact events like explosions, gunfire, burglaries, break-ins, natural disasters, freak accidents, and much more. By holding broken glass fragments together, glass and flying debris hazards are mitigated which can save potential lives and lowers the risk of serious injury. Bomb blast window film also makes the cleanup process much easier and quicker after an event, minimizing operational downtime for your Salt Lake City airport or transit station. Unfortunately, these property types are often targets of domestic and terrorist attacks making it vital to be prepared.

Installation Process for Bomb Blast Window Film for Salt Lake City Airports and Transit Stations

Salt Lake Window Tinting begins every security film project with a security assessment of your property. This determines property vulnerabilities, project goals, and product recommendations. We execute highly discreet and timely installation processes in order to provide you with the element of surprise and lowered operational downtime.

For more information regarding bomb blast protection window film for your Salt Lake City airport or transit station, please contact us!