Shatterproof Glass For Vintage Home Remodeling Codes

Security Window Film For There are so many beautiful old homes in the Salt Lake City and a fair number of homes that used to be beautiful but are now just diamonds in the rough waiting to be renovated. And as Salt Lake City sees a rise in economy and an influx of home buyers, these old gems are being remodeled ever more frequently. As a contractor, doing a vintage home remodel can be rewarding but also extremely challenging. This is because it is incredibly difficult to recreate a style from a long time ago without working very hard in the process. The more time you spend on the minute details, the less money you make and balancing that attention to detail with your estimated time is a very difficult balancing act, with little room on either side for mishaps. One especially difficult parts of a vintage home remodel is bringing an old house up to today’s codes. Sometimes you are looking at 50+years of codes that have been simply never been applied to the home you are remodeling! At Salt Lake Window Tinting, we understand the delicate balance between time, effort and pricing when it comes to the contractor end of vintage home restoration, which is why we offer an alternative to a common problem encountered in the process involving a vintage home’s glass and that is–shatter proofing with security film.

Security Window Film Instead Of Shatterproof Glass

As you well know, many, if not all of the glass features in a vintage home are unsafe because they break in large, dangerous sheets of jagged glass rather than today’s glass which shatters into small, safe, pebble like pieces. As such, the building codes of today require shatterproof glass in areas of high breakage risk such as bathroom doors. This scenario also arises when there are windows along stairs and at the end of each landing. Totally replacing the glass in all the areas of the house that require safety glass is expensive, time-consuming and many owners don’ want the original glass to be removed. The answer to this conundrum is–security window film. Today’s security window film is approved to satisfy the code requirements for windows in “hazardous areas”. Additionally, it is significantly less expensive than total replacement and takes a fraction of the time. Best of all, you get to keep an original feature of the vintage house intact, giving it that much more of an antique look and feel.

If you are a contractor or vintage homeowner in the Salt Lake City area and are looking into security window film instead of window replacement for building code adherence, contact us today!

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