Adding artwork to your home is a great way to personalize your space and make it yours. The artwork you choose can greatly affect the ambiance of your home and even alter your mood and metal state of being. But if you don’t take steps to protect your art from the sun, it will lose its color quickly.

That’s why you should consider fade prevention window film. In Salt Lake City, fade prevention window film goes a long way in preserving colors and protecting art. By making this simple change to your home, you can protect your artwork while still enjoying a beautiful sun-lit home!

How Does Window Film Protect Artwork?

Artwork is often the first thing to fade in a home. Because they’re hung on the wall, paintings, drawings, and photos are exposed to light constantly and come into contact with it more than furniture and flooring due to their angular position. This prolonged exposure results in a process called photodegradation.

The Science of Fading

Photodegradation, or fading, occurs when pigment is exposed to ultraviolet light. Just like our skin, dyes change color when they’re exposed to uv rays. Over time, the physical compound in dyes break down, resulting in a whitened look.

How Fade Prevention Window Film Helps

Fade prevention window film helps protect artwork in Salt Lake City homes by blocking uv light. As the sun comes in through your windows, uv light is filtered out while visible light is allowed through. This way, the film prevents fading without reducing the brightness of the room.

Is UV Film Worth the Cost?

If you’re someone who enjoys collecting valuable artwork, uv protection window film could very well be worth the investment. Sure, you may spend a few bucks on installing the film, but it’s worth it to protect art that costs thousands. This is even more so true if the artwork is valuable to you or your family for sentimental reasons.

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