Nothing makes your university feel more open and inviting than large and bright windows. While those panels of glass can make the space feel more vibrant, they can also take a toll on your energy bills. When you’re running a university in Salt Lake City, saving money on your operating budget is always a priority. Believe it or not, university window film can help reduce your energy costs and give you back control over your monthly expenses. Here’s how.

Keeps the Heat Indoors

Large spaces are notoriously difficult to heat during the winter and when they have walls filled with windows, keeping the building warm is even more difficult. In fact, more than 25 percent of heat produced by your HVAC system escapes through the glass. The best way to reduce your heating costs in Salt Lake City is to install university window film throughout your buildings.

The film acts as an additional layer of insulation, trapping the heat inside and keeping the cold from seeping through the glass. This not only cuts your energy bills—it also reduces your HVAC repair budget by putting less wear and tear on the system. The more insulated your building is, the less hard your furnace has to work.

Traps Air Conditioning Indoors

During the summer months, Salt Lake City gets hot as soon as the sun rises. This means the air conditioners in each one of your buildings has to work overtime just to keep your university from turning into a sauna. The longer your air conditioning system has to run, the more energy it consumes.

Installing university window film on all exterior windows will help keep the heat outside where it belongs. This will let your air conditioner run more efficiently throughout the summer and well into the fall.

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