If energy costs for your home seem abnormally high, you may have looked into getting an energy audit done. Having an energy audit done for your home can be extremely beneficial. An energy audit can help you determine how much energy your home is consuming and what issues may be leading to high energy costs. Once you’ve had an energy audit done, you can determine what next steps you need to take to solve the issue, like installing window film for your Salt Lake City home.

However, if this is your first time going through the process of getting an energy audit, you may have some questions. Below, we’ve provided some answers to frequently asked questions about energy audits in Salt Lake City and how window film can help.

FAQ – Energy Audits & Window Film

Have questions about home energy audits? Not sure if window film is right for your Salt Lake City home? Read these helpful FAQ to get the answers you need.

Q: What are home energy audits?
A: An energy audit is a process that’s carried out to determine the energy efficiency of a building. Once an energy audit is complete, the property owner will have a detailed report of how energy is being lost, what the root causes are of the issues, and what can be done to remedy the situation.

Q: Are all energy audits the same?
A: There are two different types of energy audits, energy surveys and general energy assessments. An energy survey involves a visual inspection of property whereas an energy assessment requires the use of special equipment for diagnostics and testing.

Q: What are the benefits of obtaining an energy audit?
A: Having an energy audit completed for your home can be beneficial in many ways. It can help you identify the root cause of energy loss in your home, helping you save money. It can make your home more comfortable. You can discover a way to improve the energy efficiency of your home and thereby lower your environmental impact. And you can also gain a higher resale value for your home by implementing the changes suggested in your energy audit.

Q: After completing my energy audit, I decided I want to install window film. How much will it cost?
A: The cost of window film depends on a few different factors, including size, type of film, and the cost of installation. For more information, check out our page on window film pricing.

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