If you own a home with big street facing windows, you probably appreciate all the natural light you get. At the same, being exposed to the world around you can be an unnerving feeling. You never know who is watching or what kind of intentions they have.

Instead of covering up your big beautiful windows, you should consider installing privacy window film for your Salt Lake City home. With privacy film, you can get the privacy and security you need without sacrificing natural light.

Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite ways to use privacy film in home interiors.


Privacy Window Film vs. Blinds – Which Is Better?

Both window films and blinds are used as a means of creating privacy in people’s homes. However, there are some major differences between the two options. Blinds have to be operated in order to be utilized fully. This means you’ll have to tend to them throughout the day. And if you keep them open to let in light, you’ll lose your privacy. Window films, on the other hand, require no human intervention to work and provide privacy without blocking light.


Ways to Use Privacy Window Film in your Home

Privacy window films come in tons of different styles, so you need not worry about being able to find one that matches your home. Whether you’ve chosen to decorate in a vintage aesthetic or something more modern, there are plenty of styles that will look beautiful in your home.

To give you an idea of what window film can accomplish, we’ve shared some of our favorite ideas for using privacy window film in Salt Lake City home interiors.

decorative privacy window film salt lake city


Bathrooms & Showers

Create privacy for your bathroom with textured or frosted film.

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Kitchen Windows

Keep your kitchen hidden from neighbors and strangers with decorative film for your kitchen windows.

textured privacy window film salt lake city


Stop solicitors from seeing into your home with a textured film for your entryway.


Keep Your Home Private & Secure with Window Film

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