Keeping your home warm during the winter in Utah can be a challenge. During the evening, temperatures in Salt Lake City can drop as low as 21 degrees, creating freezing cold conditions. And if you’re not careful, all that cold air outside can easily get into your home through the windows. Not only can this create an uncomfortable experience for your family, but it can also affect your holiday parties and gatherings and raise your home’s energy costs.

Installing Thinsulate Window Film for your Salt Lake City home can help you avoid these issues and keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the winter. Thinsulate Window Films use low-e technology to help lock heat in place and prevent cold air from getting into your home. These window films are not only incredibly easy to install, but they’re also majorly effective. Studies show that by installing Thinsulate Window Film, homeowners are able to save almost 30% on energy costs throughout the year.

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Thinsulate Window Film: Insulation for Your Windows

If you’re a homeowner, then you’re probably aware of the importance of having a well-insulated home. The walls of your home need insulation in order to keep cold air, excess heat, and weather out of the interior space. Without insulation, a wall is nothing more than a thin frame. Just like the walls of your home, windows need insulation too. Single pane glass on its own is not very well insulated, but with Thinsulate Window Film, you can improve the performance of your windows and prevent energy loss so that the weather doesn’t affect the comfort of your home.

Thinsulate Window Film is one of the most powerful and reliable climate control window films on the market. Created by the innovative building materials company 3M, Thinsulate Window Films use a scientific approach to navigate energy loss issues and improve window insulation.

How Does It Work?

The film contains a low-e coating that reduces the emissivity of glass, lowering the amount of heat it reflects. During the winter, it traps heat inside, keeping your home warm and comfortable and during the summer, prevents it from transferring through the glass, keeping temperatures cool. Thinsulate Window Films are one of the only window films on the market that accomplish this sort of dual climate control.

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