Installing energy efficient window film in Salt Lake City Homes is a great idea. Not only can it help you stay comfortable during times when the city experiences extreme weather, but it can also help you save money and curb your energy use. Read on to learn about the types of energy saving window film available today.  


Types of Energy Efficient Window Film for Salt Lake City Homes

Summers and winters are both very extreme in Utah. Consequently, many locals install energy-efficient window film in Salt Lake City to keep their homes comfortable and limit their energy use.

Here are the best window film options for improving your home’s energy efficiency. 



1. Low E-Window Film


Low-E window films are a great option for insulating homes. They have a skinny layer of ‘Low Emissivity’ coating. This coating does not allow excessive heat from outside to enter, shielding the house from getting too hot during summers. Similarly, it also insulates residences in winters by ensuring minimal heat escapes. Energy-efficient window films like these only act as a barrier for heat, not natural light. 



2. Spectrally Selective Window Film


This type of window film restricts certain spectral lines. They allow only a little bit of heat to pass through the window so that your home doesn’t become excessively warm. However, it still allows natural light transmission through the glass so that your interior stays bright and well-lit. Spectrally selective film is often used for heat rejection and summer comfort.


2. Nano-Ceramic Window Film



Nano-ceramic film is a great option for those seeking an energy-efficient window film for their Salt Lake City home. It is generally thicker than Low E window film, which makes it more durable. Sometimes, these films also have dual benefits in addition to energy efficiency like more privacy or security. 


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