Custom Frosted Window Films: A Must Have for Your Salt Lake Office or Retail Space

March 5, 2018 in Commercial Window Tinting, Privacy And Decorative Window Film

In business, first impressions are everything. A first impression can be the sole deciding factor whether you’ll be able to make a sale, close a deal, establish a new partnership, or even schedule a subsequent meeting. Whether you manage a hotel, retail store, office, or any other type of business, you need to make sure that your building is in tip top shape. This is where window film can help. With custom frosted film window film for your Salt Lake City office or retail space, you’ll be able make a positive first impression every time by creating beauty, privacy, and a professional eye catching look.
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The Benefits Of Exterior Window Resurfacing For Salt Lake City Hotels

February 1, 2018 in Commercial Window Tinting

Hotel Window Resurfacing Can Change More Than Just A Hotel’s Appearance

Hotels in Salt Lake City constructed in the late 20th century fill the city skyline. These hotels are as useful today as the day they were constructed. They house international conventions, diplomats, ski tourists and more, all of which fuel Utah’s economy.  For the most part, there is nothing wrong with the actual structure of these hotels.  However, the somewhat gaudy gold tint on the windows speaks of a bygone architectural era and seems dated against the contrast of today’s more subtle, minimalist style. Rather than “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” and demolishing these hotels, a good option for making them relevant once more and harmonious with style of new buildings around them is –exterior glass resurfacing. This is a simple option to keep these hotels relevant without spending getting out of control. Beyond the obvious physical transformation of the building, there are many other benefits to refurbishing and updating the windows on a commercial building such as hotels.

ROI: When it comes time to sell or refinance, refurbished tinted windows dramatically add to an increased sale price of a hotel. They are substantially less expensive than replacement windows and can change a dated hospitality establishment into something modern and new.

Energy Efficiency: Windows that are resurfaced greatly increase a hotels energy efficiency, translating to more profit for owners. Studies show windows treated with modern window films result in significantly lower heating and cooling bills.

Increased Guest Retention: Resurfacing windows with modern window film reduces glare and UV penetration.  For a hotel, keeping guests happy and comfortable is paramount in retaining those same guests.  Often times, rooms on the south and southwest corners of hotels get incredibly hot.  WIndow film can control the climate in those rooms and eliminate glare.

Salt Lake Window Tinting For Your Salt Lake City Hotels Window Resurfacing

More than ever before custom exterior window refinishing allows for changes in a building’s appearance and functionality. At Salt Lake Window Tinting, we have been restoring windows on commercial hotels for decades. We use the latest in today’s window film technology and partner with only industry leaders to give our customers the latest and greatest restoration options. When looking to restore the windows on your commercial building and reap the numerous rewards of doing so, contact us for a free consultation.  Salt Lake Window Tinting will put our experience and the latest innovations to work for you at an affordable price.

Window Tinting for Your Salt Lake City Office Reduces Heat & Glare

August 22, 2017 in Commercial Window Tinting

Did you know that window tinting can make your Salt Lake City office more comfortable and save money on energy costs? Salt Lake City’s high altitude causes office buildings to be exposed to more intense sunlight that generates excess heat and glare. Not only is this uncomfortable for your employees, but it’s also expensive. But by installing window tint, you can eliminate these issues, save money, and make your office a more enjoyable workspace.
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